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The Board of Members is composed by Deacons Gabriel ABA, DZEZE Kodjo Richard,  AJAVON Théophile,  AGBEME Komlan, AGBELE Koffi,  DEGBOEVI Mensah Nestor, Mr. TCHALIM, Deaconesses Eya KAVEGUE and Mrs. DAVIDSON 


As a team of servant leaders, we are learning under the leadership of our pastor as we understand the importance of covenant relationship. We are compelled by God’s calling upon our lives to serve our membership and accept the responsibility upon coming on board with Rev. Sidibe KAMASSE in building the kingdom of God.


Board Of Trustees

The International Chapel Men’s Ministry works to intentionally equip men with the tools they need to become purpose driven men as they live in peace and harmony in their roles as heads of homes, husbands, fathers, sons and friends. The ministry wants to help men learn how to face this challenging world. They also help them balance work and family life, build stronger marriages, become better fathers, grow spiritually to become the man God has called them to be. Enjoying Christian fellowship, men in this ministry are encouraged to develop a devotional prayer in their respective homes, to create a friendly atmosphere in their daily journey on this earth. Men in our church strongly support missionaries all over the world.

To join this wonderful and meaningful ministry, kindly contact Brother Senah KLOUVI at or call 202-420-6722 .

The generous ladies of the International Chapel Assembly of God are a tremendous blessing to our church and missionaries supported by the church. This ministry welcomes you and wants you to experience the excitement and every heartfelt expression of gratitude as the lives of women are being transformed.

The fellowship wants every family to live in harmony as the model excellence by assisting women to attain maturity. Every woman who is a church member is automatically a part of the women’s ministry. Through Bible studies, fellowship and prayer the women’s ministry provides opportunities for service to each other by equipping, visiting and assisting families in times of joy or sorrow.

To join this wonderful and meaningful ministry, kindly contact Mme. Kougbagan Gilberte at 646- 671 -0684.


The International Chapel Youth ministry seeks to assist in developing a spiritually healthy young boys and girls. They mentor young members within the church by helping them identify their gifts and discovering their God-given place in the body of Christ, community, and world.


They intentionally win others; build them in personal integrity, personal growth and servant leadership through relevant teaching that fits the needs of young men and women in this chaotic world. The Youth’s ministry is devoted in living a sanctified life for Christ.


To join this ministry, kindly contact Tchalim Daniel at  202-367-6919


We have an authentic passion of worshiping the Creator of heaven and earth. Our Worship Ministry, in lively blend music and a fresh urban sound brings glory to Jesus Christ. You will be led into the presence of God, where you can personally experience His greatness, wonder and power. You will also feel the intense and passionate time of worship as you dance in His presence.

To join our worship team, kindly contact Brother Papa Louis at (----------)or call Mme Agbedji Natacha at (------)


This ministry exists to minister to children in pre-nursery to elementary school through Bible teachings, fun, and games. The children servants introduce biblical truths to children in simple way that demonstrate God’s love and encourage children to desire the things of God.

Structured Sunday school lessons, drama, music, field trips, scripture memorization are some of the activities that the children ministries servant use to help children discover God’s love and purpose for bringing them to this world. Parents are encouraged to collaborate with this ministry to enhance an ongoing spiritual growth of all children.


To join this ministry of hope for the future, kindly contact Brother Edoh AMEDUITE at 301 920 1135 .

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